Frank Ford is one of the founding members and co-owner of Four Day Weekend. He has been professionally performing for the last fifteen years and studied at the renowned Second City Conservatory in Chicago.

In addition to his various television credits, he has appeared in numerous commercials including McDonald's, The Movie Channel and a series of spots for the Whataburger chain as their national spokesman.


He can also be seen in such award-winning independent films as Pale Blue Moon, Shtickmen, Hit and Posing Wacholtz. Frank recently won a “Best Actor” award for his starring role in the short Forever Together and recently played a part in a feature film opposite Crispin Glover that also stars Jason Lee entitled,  Drop Dead Sexy, which can currently be seen on Showtime.


His critically acclaimed, full-length comedy revues, Feetprints, Don’t Fail Me Now and 3112, have been official selections to the Chicago Sketchfest, the Dallas Comedy Festival and the NYC Underground Comedy Festival. In addition, his short film entitled, F-Word, was named as a top-three finalist for “Best Short” at the Santa Clarita Independent Film Festival (SCIFF).

Frank recently sold a comedy show to 20th Century Fox and is currently working on writing and producing a children’s show. He is also busy writing another comedy for 20th Century Fox.

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